Despite a strong start to the free agency period, the Denver Nuggets find themselves with one glaring hole in their roster construction. With veteran big-man JaVale McGee opting to sign a deal with the Phoenix Suns, the Nuggets are short on backup center options.

As currently constructed, the Denver Nuggets will be relying on the likes of Zeke Naji and Jeff Green to fill the secondary big-man minutes. While Jeff Green is a solid undersized option at the five, and Zeke Naji has bags of untapped potential, being forced into consistent small-ball lineups is less than ideal.

To further muddy the waters, the Nuggets cap space is essentially non-existent, with only $4.5 million remaining of the MLE and a $5.3 million TPE courtesy of Jerami Grant available. Of course, the team can also extend offers of the veteran minimum variety, because you know, centers are generally cheap nowadays.

But, with the free agency talent pool starting to dry up and rosters around the league beginning to take shape, who could the Nuggets pursue to give themselves additional solidarity at the five?

There’s still some reliable talent available on the market, so here are 3 potential options to fill the role of the backup center for the Denver Nuggets.


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