The Miami Heat don’t have a totally new roster but it seems that way, almost, when you consider some of the changes and improvements that they did make. With a true floor general and star-caliber point guard in tow, Kyle Lowry, the Miami Heat now have their starting five locked up.

On top of just being one of the best 1-guys in the league though, Kyle Lowry is also something else that the Heat have desperately needed for the last season or so. He’s a three-level scorer, a guy capable of getting a good shot off from deep range, the middle areas of the court, and right at the rim.

He should help open up the Miami Heat’s offense a ton and especially for that first unit. When it comes to the second unit though, specifically Lowry’s immediate backup in the reserve point guard spot, there has been quite the fuss made about the scenario.

The Miami Heat may need another point guard to add to that rotation behind Kyle Lowry and Gabe Vincent. But do they… really?

With only Gabe Vincent locked on the regular roster and slotted to fill in at point guard, do the Miami Heat need to add another guy, at least for the depth? Well, no and though it isn’t that complicated, it’s not hard to see how it’s been made to be that way.

When it comes to the Miami Heat, Kyle Lowry is the starting 1-man and the main guy there. However and as it has been since his arrival in South Beach, Jimmy Butler will still probably act as the second primary-playmaker and ball handler, thus the secondary ball handler, pseudo backup point guard, and when they aren’t, then there’s always Bam Adebayo and his playmaking ability.

Gabe Vincent is slotted there on the depth chart, but he’s more of a scoring-guard or shooter than pure point guard, though he’ll probably have to give the Heat 5-12 minutes a game as their main ball handler for the reserves. That won’t be his main job though, as the backup point guard, as Jimmy will leave him be there to knock down open jump shots.

That’s why, though it may seem pressing right now and something that should be invested in as an issue, it isn’t as big of a deal as it seems on the surface.

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