Polish oil firm PKN Orlen is requesting submissions to help it build a data center in Płock, Poland.

The company has put out a tender for a new facility in Płock, a city located in central Poland, and a new backup site in nearby Włocławek.

The data center will be located in the Płock Industrial and Technological Park (PPPT), with the company wanting a single-story, 3,200 sqm (34,400 sq ft) facility. The company also desires a 9,700 sqm (104,400 sq ft), five-story office building – including one underground story – connected to the data center via an underground tunnel.

The backup facility will be located at PNK Orlan’s premises in Włocławek. It expects a one-story facility with around 1,500 sqm (16,100 sq ft) of space. The requests do not include network and server hardware.

PKN Orlen was formed in 1999 after the merger of two oil firms, C.P.N. (Centrala Produktów Naftowych) and Petrochemia Płock. The company owns a number of oil refineries and operates a number of petrol stations throughout the country and eastern Europe.

Declaration of participation can be made until August 24. Offers should be submitted before September 9.

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