Perfect Song by Ed Sheeran
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My Review:

Let’s review about Perfect by Ed Sheeran and this song is interesting because Ed Sheeran was so successful with thinking out loud and he said in the past that he kind of thinks of perfect as a better song, than thinking out loud and he spent a lot of time wondering will I ever be able to write a song as good as thinking out loud?

He feels like he’s finally done, that with Perfect which is about his new girlfriend whose name is sherry Seaborn, well she must be quite an incredible person because the person described in perfect literally is perfect or at least seems that way, I found a girl beautiful and sweet a woman stronger than anyone.

I know she shares my dreams looking so beautiful and then finally as if though we didn’t get the point now, I know I have met an angel in person and that’s kind of how the entire song goes the verses give descriptive pieces of information about her while the chorus is focused on this like one perfect moment that they share together and in it it encapsulate the theme of the entire song, not only are they enjoying a perfect moment which is possible because she is a perfect person, but she also is that perfect person but here are the three things we learn about.

Edie from this song Number One:

He likes to keep things simple as we see not only from the title but from how the title plays out throughout the rest of the song. Perfect is about one thing and one thing only it’s about this single woman,  who is perfect and that theme of perfection as quoted in the lyrics I just mentioned to you show up throughout the entire song and

Number Two:

Keeping with this theme of simplicity, he also keeps things very very literal he hardly ever uses metaphors or word pictures to describe anything he just says.  What he thinks he says cuz we were just kids when we fell in love, which is true they knew each other in school he mentions being barefoot on the grass which literally probably happened there are only a few times when he describes something that wouldn’t be considered necessary literal might be more of a metaphor.

He says your heart is all I own she shares my dream fighting against all the odds is kind of a vague metaphor and cliche. I see my future in your eyes it’s a pretty a metaphor a little bit of word picture imagery stuff going on there, and then when he calls her an angel he says now I have met an angel in person most definitely a metaphor, but compared to a lot of pop songs that still seems to be less than the average ed wants to focus on simple images and sense experiences so he often describes things that you can touch taste feel or imagine yourself being in and we see that played out through a lot of his other songs too.

Number Three:

Probably the most dangerous thing that may song lyrics are capable of romanticization basically romanticizing is taking a look at an aspect of life, and only seen the good because you want to in ignoring the bad and this is a love song so for the most part we don’t care but, sometimes when we ignore the bad we leave out the opportunity for great good to come in and conquer that evil so we miss out on what a piece of art or a life lived really could be now.

I’m not saying that Ed Sheeran should have mentioned how they fight sometimes or how everything is not necessarily perfect, but you have to admit that when he writes lyrics and describes things like in thinking out loud or imperfect he tends to make the thing sound really good, and I think the best example of that is when he calls her an angel honestly nobody is an angel but she seems that way to him and that’s okay but she doesn’t always seem that way to him so romanticizing can be purposefully ignoring negative things but it can also be taking a photograph of a particular aspect of something we like, and ignoring all other aspects of it now I’m just thinking out loud here but what do I know. sorry, sorry, I’ll try again so I’m not criticizing it but I am pointing out the fact that when he makes things sound good he tries really hard to make them sound really good when in reality if you went into a relationship.

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