Backing up your apps for installation on a new device is often the easiest and quickest way to set up a new smartphone. In the past, apps such as Titanium Backup have been used as comprehensive backup and restore options, though it required root. Apps like Swift Backup, however, can back up your APKs, your texts, your call logs, and applied wallpapers for free and without root. To restore special app data like permissions, battery optimization, and more, you still needed root access. Now, however, Swift Backup 3.7 is here and it introduces support for both Android 12 and rootless batch backups via Shizuku.

For the uninitiated, Shizuku is somewhat similar to Magisk. However, Shizuku manages shell access, not root access. Shizuku runs its own process with shell-level permissions. How the user activates that process depends on their device, Android version, and choice. Shizuku can be activated through ADB, through on-device wireless ADB (on Android 11 and later), or through root access. Apps implementing Shizuku can then request permission to use that process to perform elevated operations. For Swift Backup, Shizuku doesn’t quite grant the same level of access as root would, but it allows for further access.

As you can see from the above changelog, Swift Backup can now, through the use of Shizuku, batch backup supported app parts, batch restore, batch enable/disable apps, batch uninstall apps, backup and restore permissions, and toggle the battery optimization of each app. Previously, those features required root access, though there are still other features (such as full app data backup and restoring) that require root access. Configuring Shizuku is pretty easy to do, and it allows for granting special Android permissions from your smartphone. The Swift Backup developers have also said that they intend to integrate Material You support in a future update.

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Swift BackupSwift Backup
Swift BackupSwift Backup
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