Who Invented Karaoke?  American, Japanese or Filipino?

Do you know the history of karaoke, including who originated it, when, and where? Filipinos love to utilize karaoke machines as a kind of entertainment. They frequently go to ktv bars and sing their hearts out, despite the fact that karaoke is used around the world, Asia is by far the region where it is most popular. From the earliest stages of karaoke machines, which were large in size, to modern times, when they are created in unique devices like vcds, cell phones, autos, and computers, karaoke has come a long way. The word “karaoke” is derived from the Japanese word “kara,” which denotes emptiness and sufficiency.

But before we get to karaoke’s Eastern roots, let’s go back to the end of the 1950s when American television host Mitch Miller came up with the idea to make television interactive with his software sing along with mitch. His live orchestra played well-known songs while the lyrics of the song scrolled across the screen and a small white bouncing ball jumped alongside each syllable of the phrase.

Daisuke Inui is credited with giving karaoke its name because he created a device called a juke eight, which was a tape recorder-like device that played songs you could actually sing along to. Inua’s concept quickly caught on throughout the United States and then abroad, but despite being named one of the century’s most influential Asians by Time Magazine, he never made any money from his invention because it was never commercialized.

Inuit was awarded an ignoble medal, a satire of the more prestigious nobel prize, for his role in developing the first human chuckle, and in 1975, a Filipino inventor by the name of Roberto del Rosario created the karaoke sing-along device. Inuwa invented the complicated sing-along machine known as the “guy band” four years later. It was a combination of a music player, voice recording device, tuner, and mixer that allowed people to sing along with the recorded song using a microphone and an amplified speaker. He patented the device and used it commercially, so legally he is regarded as the inventor.

In light of the fact that you are familiar with the history of karaoke, who do you believe to be the true creator of this excellent gadget, and what is your go-to karaoke song?

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