The data of your company is extremely important. Your company must have appropriate backups to keep your data protected. If you have proper data backups in place, your business is aware of cyber-attacks, disaster strikes,hardware failure, and other threats that compromise your data.To check the integrity of backups of your company, a managed backup must be put in place. Typically, many small businesses make alliances with an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to get this service.  One of the best methods to make sure that your organization or business has reliable and secure access to your data when the unpredicted error occurs is managed IT backup solutions that are provided by MSPs. These solutions daily check your data to ensure whether all of your servers boot up accurately or not. Depending on your company’s needs, they also provide several types of managed backups.

Types of Managed Backups

There are three types of managed backups. These include Cloud Backup, Onsite Appliances, and Local Backups.

  • Cloud backup: Cloud backup takes all of your details and documents from a cloud service and backs it up to a remote location apart from the Microsoft servers.
  • Onsite appliances: A backup device is set down onsite and then backed up to a cloud machine room or data center.
  • Local backup: Backups for remote users where folders backed up from the user’s laptop or PC to cloud location.

Why Your Business Needs Managed Backups?

Managing backups is a time-consuming, expensive, and complicated process. You need to hire technical professionals in your company who acknowledge the complexity of backups and who have enough time to detect these systems around the clock.  Most of the businesses, however, small or large work with a technology partner for managed backup services because they do not have enough resources to do it by themselves. The following are the benefits that a Managed Service Provider provides to your company when it comes to managed backups.

1.    Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a necessary part of any business IT plans. If your servers are affected bycrimeware, you will take your systems offline to clean them. Then restore your data from a backup. That is why good backups in place are very effective. Cyber-attacks and ransomware are not only threats but, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters can impact your servers and data. Managed backups ensure that your business or organization can work remotely. You can access all of your details from the cloud. Your Managed Service Provider puts the ins and outs of a backup system in place so the procedure of restoring data will be more efficient and accurate.

2.    Deletion

It is the most common situation that usually occurs. Proper backups allow you to restore your important data, files, and applications that have been deleted. With managed backup services, the managed service provider can easily restore all information so that the business can access necessary folders, applications, and files as soon as possible.

3.    Server Failures

When the server fails, it has to be completely restored from a backup. With managed backup solutions, the managed service providers will bring the company back to where it was before the system failure. If your company buys a new tool to replace the server, you will still be able to run the onsite appliance backup tool that you have put in place. The benefit of working with the managed backup service is that you can recover things quickly while productivity loss.

4.   Backups in the Cloud

You still need a backup solution even if your company uses a cloud-based system. Because managed backup solutions minimize data loss. The Managed service provider will back up any applications, data, and files you have in the off-site cloud location to keep them protected. Standard MSPs like Solutions Now are plausible options. Theyprovide solutions to help you understand that why your business or organization needs Managed Backup Services.

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